A brief jaunt up to Timberline Lodge

This past weekend my sister-in-law and mother-in-law arrived for a ten day vacation. ¬†Saturday was spent relaxing around the house, but Sunday we decided to take a quick day trip up to Timberline Loge on Mount Hood for lunch and a trip up the mountain on the chairlift. I don’t recall much of the chairlift […]

My first photo prints since high school, an Mpix review

I received my Mpix.com print and framing order yesterday. For those playing at home, I ordered at 2:10pm Thursday April 28th, and received the delivery in full at 2:20pm on May 3rd. All in all, a total of 3 business days from order to delivery. Not too shabby for a standard order of 9 prints […]

A weekend in Vancouver BC, with photos!

A whirlwind trip to Vancouver BC was in the cards for last weekend. Not having more than a vague idea of where we were staying we embarked on the 6 hour drive up with no itinerary and no commitments. I packed my camera, of course, as I knew there would be some great photo opportunities. […]