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A weekend of painting

Posted by on Thursday, 1 March, 2012

While Raz and others were out whooping it up in Vegas, Jean and I spent the long Presidents Day weekend at home painting our pantry.

Now, let me stop you right there: yes, it does take a whole weekend to paint a pantry… at least when your pantry is around 175sqft and includes a staircase, base boards, two windows, and a pellet stove. Sadly, because Jean got ill Sunday night, some of the trim work is still unfinished, though we were able to prime and paint all the walls and base boards before exhausting ourselves. Luckily I think we only have a day’s worth of work left and should be relatively easy to finish up soon.

We opted for a darker colour in the pantry to give it more of a root cellar/ wine cellar feel. For fear of making it too cave like, we retained the white ceiling and trim all around, which once completed, is more reminiscent of a farm house than a cellar. In any case, here’s some pictures for you to enjoy and see what I mean about it being a large pantry… Generally speaking the last two images are the closest to the actual colour which I was able to capture.


The power of the interwebs on one man’s happiness

Posted by on Friday, 18 December, 2009

As many of you know, my dad has been painting watercolours for a number of years now as his passion. He’d been drawing professionally all his life, but only in retirement did he seriously tackle watercolours as his focal media. After showing quite well in a few juried competitions and art shows, and being asked numerous times if he was in a gallery or on the web, he came to me to discuss building a website. So, a few years back, I built out a site and surprised him for his birthday; since then, I’ve rebuilt and maintained his site as a birthday present since it isn’t a necessity for him, and being retired I figured it is an expense he didn’t need to shell out.

While I know the value of a website, it seems dad just figured out exactly what it can do for him. About two months ago he was contacted by a gentleman who had found dad on his website and indicated he was interested in purchasing one of his paintings. They communicated a few times, and finally met up yesterday for a private viewing of a few of dad’s paintings. Dad walked away from that viewing having sold three of his largest paintings for a few thousand dollars each. He called to tell me the news within minutes of arriving home. Rarely have I heard dad so giddy, but I guess a bit of a financial windfall like that will perk anyone’s spirits, especially right before the holiday.

You want to make a retired painter happy? I think I finally found the formula… it involves patience, talent, and a whole lot of luck.  Merry Christmas, dad.

Lastly, for those of you who haven’t seen his work before, go ahead and click on over to
I think you’ll enjoy what you see there… though I am indeed biased of course; not only because he raised me, but because I also own four of his originals. And no, mine aren’t for sale  😉

A party and more tin…

Posted by on Monday, 28 July, 2008

We didn’t get much accomplished on the house this weekend, but what we DID do made a large impact.

After narrowly escaping house work on Saturday, Jean and I made our way out to the Kennedy School in NE Portland to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Her husband had rented a room in the school (now a McMenamin’s of course) and set it up with a buffet as well as Mahjong and poker tables afterward… sadly, we were both beat and had to call it a night around 9pm. We did have a great time, however, and look forward to seeing both Doug and Sunny at a Bite of Oregon in a few week’s time…

Sunday I finished installing the filler panels and cornices for the tin ceiling, so all the tin is finally up. I also stained some molding to finish off the beams where they meet the wall, but realized too late that I screwed up my angled cuts and will need to buy more molding to redo them all. Sigh, I even second checked it all before cutting everything. I must have been tired when I was working on that part…

Jean then took over and started painting the previously stark-white beams. Two coats down this weekend and she’ll pick up next weekend with the faux finishing part to add a wood grain texture and glaze to add some much needed depth and complete the look. Even only partly done, though, the beams are really starting to tie in the room. I hadn’t realized HOW much the white beams made the room look unfinished. The two coats of brown are already a HUGE improvement. I can’t wait to see how the faux finishing works 🙂

The link below will take you to the Renovations album on my Picasa page: