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A photo-blog of our trip to Victoria, B.C.

Posted by on Friday, 22 February, 2013

We had opportunity last week to head up to Vancouver Island, B.C. for a brief get-away. We took the week off, drove up to Port Angeles on Monday, caught the early morning ferry to the island on Tuesday, and returned on the late ferry Friday afternoon; these are some of the shots from Monday evening to Friday around 5pm. Thankfully we had a long weekend to rest up from vacation… I always forget how tiring travel can be.

You’ll note some apparent duplicate shots. I’ve left these in as they show some differences in angle, exposure, cropping, and processing settings which make them different enough that I’ve not yet decided which ones will make it into my portfolio…. if you think any of these should be added to my portfolio/print sales site, please let me know as I value any and all feedback!




My own digital detox

Posted by on Monday, 6 August, 2012

img_4553Last week, Jean and I journeyed out to the coast for a brief 3 day respite at the Sylvia Beach Hotel; a lovely, historic place, where wi-fi does not exist. So, in honour of Jean’s birthday we simply relaxed; sitting by the windows of the third floor library, feet up, nose in our books, only to periodically lift our heads to stare out to the sea. The image to the left is the view to the north from our room, also seen from the library’s north side window as well. This should give you a fair sense of the mood of the trip.

Out through the west-facing windows was only the open sea. At glances, the current of the ocean from North to South, gave me the impression of movement; as if on an ocean liner bound for some great destination. I was struck with a sense of journey, of travel without leaving the comfort of the hotel’s library. My wanderlust both stoked and simultaneously satiated; a juxtaposing desire to go and yet remain still. It was the perfect storm of emotions for diving into a book and devouring page upon page.

We did get out for a bit as well, both nights taking part in the family style dinner, and engaging in wonderful conversation with our table mates. We also made our way up the beach a bit to gawk (before it was removed) at the dock which had washed up on the shoreline after the Tsunami had broken it loose of its moorings in Japan. Of course, being us, we also made it out to the two local lighthouses. And Wednesday as we departed for home, we made one last stop at the Aquarium. All were fun and worthwhile endeavors, providing me with a few photo opportunities, but none of which compared to the opportunity provided to just sit and be.

So, enjoy the photos, but know that they won’t do justice to the experience of staying at the Sylvia Beach Hotel…

A smattering of maritime photography

Posted by on Thursday, 8 March, 2012

Thanks to my dad, I was raised with a love for the aesthetics of both aerospace and maritime imagery. In lieu of a more word heavy posting this week, I’ll leave you with some of my favourite maritime photos which I’ve captured over the years: