Deeper content automation via Feedly and

If you recall my previous post on using and BufferApp to automate and time shift twitter posts, as well as my post on auto-emailing yourself articles, you’ll know I’m a big fan of and all it can do to help you automate content posting thereby reducing administrative overhead. Today’s post is no […]

Time-shifting tweets to reach global audiences

Another in my sporadic series of looking behind the social business curtain. This time I discuss value of time-shifting your tweets for a global audience, and the steps to help you automate such a concept. First off, let me be clear: this post is about content promotion and amplification through social channels; it is NOT […]

Using RSS and Email to prevent future embarrassment

We’ve all seen it: the Facebook post purporting that onions cure every illness, or that asking your friends to make changes on the network will keep your posts private and invisible to all the “baddies” out there. By this point I’m sure we know that’s all hogwash, but every day there are more and more […]

Automating cross-channel posting of social content…

… have a look up my sleeves into some of my “secrets” to managing social channels: The general consensus in the social business world is that heavy automation is a bad thing, that all channels should have their own content tailored to that audience. While that is excellent advice (which I’ve recommended time and time […]