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TBM is made of pure WIN

Posted by on Friday, 2 May, 2008

I have fallen in love with one of my favourite bands, The Birthday Massacre, all over again.

They just released a new cover song on their MySpace page as seen here:

Yup, they covered the Tommy James and the Shondells song “I Think We’re Alone Now”. Yes, the song Tiffany also covered and made famous in the mid 1980’s.

Go. Listen. NOW.

Then go buy it on iTunes next week when the EP is released (I had the EP on pre-order already, even before knowing this song was on it. SCORE!) And then after you have listened to the fabulousness that is this cover song, go buy all their other albums as well. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to find their cover version of “The Never Ending Story”. The magnitude of win-ocity can simply not be contained.