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Silver Falls and trellise train tracks

Posted by on Wednesday, 15 August, 2012

Last weekend Jean and I headed out to Silver Falls  just to get out of the house and avoid melting into our couches from the 90+ degree heat. I took this opportunity to grab the camera and work on getting some interesting shots along the way. You’ll note some seemingly duplicate images: these are times I was experimenting with different techniques and haven’t decided which I prefer yet…

So please, enjoy these images with an uncharacteristically small amount of words from me:

On the hunt for covered bridges

Posted by on Wednesday, 23 February, 2011

Along with my love for lighthouses, I also have a soft spot for covered bridges. To my enjoyment, Oregon provides quite a few of both!

Call it an excuse to get out of the house, or an excuse to take my camera on a drive, Saturday’s sun made it the perfect day to get out and see some covered bridges in their wooden glory.

Using the information over at and armed with my GPS, Jean and I took a drive Saturday afternoon in search of as many covered bridges as we could pack into a day. All told, we got to ten of them within the Willamette valley, over the course of 270 miles. (To get to the rest will take a bit more planning and strategic execution as they are now outside a quick afternoon’s trip.)

The images below are just a few of the best photos from the day. All are relatively untouched as no cropping was done, but I did adjust the levels minimally as I tended to over expose due to the bright sunshine.