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Big Bottom Whiskey review and photos

Posted by on Wednesday, 28 November, 2012

I just posted a review of Big Bottom Whiskey’s Zinfandel Finish Bourbon and warehouse series single cask verticals over on the 3 Drunken Celt’s site. If you enjoy bourbon, or whiskeys in general, go check it out…

You’ll also see that I added four images to that post; rather than share the whole gallery over there, I thought I may just share out the rest of the images here on my personal site. These were shot off the cuff with an intent for use with the review, not as fine art images, but if you enjoy any of these and think I should add one to my portfolio, let me know! I adore the feedback!

A day in photos- whiskies and welding

Posted by on Wednesday, 9 May, 2012

I’ve been a bit heady and word-heavy in my recent posts here, so let’s have some visual fun once again and stop thinkin so hard…

As I noted over on the 3 Drunken Celt’s blog yesterday, Jean and I had opportunity to once again help out our friends at Big Bottom Whiskey and bottle up some of the batch 3 port finish and new Wild Bill warehouse series.

I took advantage of a break between bottlings when Ted had to re-calibrate the filler for both different bottles as well as a different proof dram. Luckily for me it took Ted longer than he’d hoped,which allowed me a decent amount of time to snap off a ton of shots around the warehouse and tasting room. I posted a number of those to the 3DC blog reference above, but I’ll also add them here, along with a few others I’m quite proud of. Once the bottling was done, I helped Ted and another friend Aaron build a base for one of Ted’s new tanks. Since I’m not a master welder, I stepped back as Aaron got to work and continued snapping off some pictures. I gotta say, I’m actually quite pleased with some of the welding images I captured… I hope you enjoy them too!