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A photo-blog of our trip to Victoria, B.C.

Posted by on Friday, 22 February, 2013

We had opportunity last week to head up to Vancouver Island, B.C. for a brief get-away. We took the week off, drove up to Port Angeles on Monday, caught the early morning ferry to the island on Tuesday, and returned on the late ferry Friday afternoon; these are some of the shots from Monday evening to Friday around 5pm. Thankfully we had a long weekend to rest up from vacation… I always forget how tiring travel can be.

You’ll note some apparent duplicate shots. I’ve left these in as they show some differences in angle, exposure, cropping, and processing settings which make them different enough that I’ve not yet decided which ones will make it into my portfolio…. if you think any of these should be added to my portfolio/print sales site, please let me know as I value any and all feedback!




The Holidays are gone and passed, such is the cycle of life.

Posted by on Tuesday, 3 January, 2006

As Jean noted, this past New Year’s Eve was our 14th together, this next year marking 15 as a couple and 10 as married partners. It is indeed odd to think that after next year, we will have spent more time together as a couple than apart as single people. It is some sort of mythical fulcrum that we are coming upon, and once passed, every day will mark another that we have shared making an ever-growing total of more days shared than not. Looking forward from here, I can’t quite imagine what the next 15, 30, or 45 years will have in store for us….

Our holiday to Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada