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Some weekend treasures

Posted by on Tuesday, 11 January, 2011

This past weekend Jean and I went out antiquing. While we have a few items we are specifically keeping our eyes out for, we typically don’t find anything to bring home. This past weekend, however, we found a few fun things:

vintage goggles

I stumbled upon these goggles in one of the various shops in Aurora, Oregon. They’ll need a little cleaning and some mild repainting to deal with a bit of rust, but the optics are surprisingly clear. I’ll also be redoing the strap to improve on the basic elastic. I’m thinking I’ll do leather strapping since I think they’d make a great set of motorcycle goggles for use on a cafe racer.

Phone Ringer

My other happy find was this vintage phone ringer which I immediately re-purposed into a door chime to replace the plastic chime box which used to grace our living room wall. This box fits the overall decor and mood of the room far better than a cheap plastic box.

Glass/Pyrex juicing bowl

Jean even found a nice glass/pyrex juicing bowl; something she’d been keeping her eyes out for. All in all, a surprisingly productive day for us!