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Been a bit focused recently…

Posted by on Monday, 13 June, 2011

… on whiskies related endeavours.  You can read about my recent and continued experience with aging my own whiskey here.  Not only that, but I am also working on another interesting project which may keep me just as focused on whiskies for a while.

As part of the 3DC, we’re continually searching for opportunities and getting crazy ideas in our heads. This year has been no different as we follow down paths of thought in an exploratory realm, determine that something isn’t feasible, then adjust and move on. But I’ll tell you now, if we can nail down some requirements and specs, then get funding, we may actually have a mobile 3DC app on the market. I’m not going to tell you what we intend to do with it, as it is still in early EARLY stages of requirements gathering… but if we can pull it off, it is going to be brilliant.

Then again, I’m also investigating other realms of the whiskies world. Who knows what, if anything, will come of this all…. but I’ll tell ya, I’m having a great time learning about all aspects of the world beyond the consumer level!

Until then, you’ll have to be content with my blog posts over on the 3DC site with aging my own whiskey and other random whiskies related topics as we come across them. If you’re dying for even MORE whiskies related content, you can also check out the 3DC’s “Whiskies News & Reviews Daily” over on It is a GREAT way to stay abreast of all the cool things going on in the world of whiskies!

The Gospels According to Seamus: The Exiled years (Whiskies of the World, 2009)

Posted by on Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

The Gospels According to Seamus: The Exiled years

(Whiskies of the World, 2009)

(To follow along the timeline of events, use Twitter search to locate all our Tweets posted with the #3DC tag: )

A panoply of emotion washed over me before my departure for this year’s event. My excitement was still present, yet not as palpable as in years past; I was muted by an underlying exhaustion from a looming deadline, one which I was determined to ignore once I locked the door to my house….. click the link below for more!

2.5 days of whisky fueled mayhem… with tasting notes!

The Gospel According to Seamus, Chapter the Third. The rise of the 3DC.

Posted by on Friday, 4 April, 2008

“And lo, Himself did bestow upon us the heavenly tome of whiskies, and it was good.”

This weekend started as few do: with a purchase of a ticket back in October 2007, setting my vacation date in stone. With work being as busy recently, and my travel up in the air (ha!) at times, preparation for the Whiskies of the World Exposition in San Francisco had been minimal at best. I packed my bag with my tickets, my tasting notebook, and my Whisky Bible, and headed to the airport.

This year was already going to be different from years prior; in this case we would be meeting a much larger number of 3DC in the city. That is to say, this year it would be substantially more people than Raz, Fergus, and me. All said, there were ten 3 Drunken Celts in attendance. The dynamic of the group would surely change…

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