Vacation ride recap; the truncated edition.

I made no great revelations, no epiphanies, and did not ‘find myself’ on my ride at the end of August. What I did get were some absolutely breathtaking views of some amazing parts of our country slightly off the normal roads. The time off allowed me to tune out any responsibility and just engross myself in the ride; to focus on nothing but the technical control of my bike through twisty roads at  speeds requiring complete focus, speeds which I call “spirited”.

  • Day 1 Sunday: Home to Eureka – 420 miles / 10 hours
  • Day 2 Monday: Eureka to San Francisco – 310 miles / 9 hours
  • Day 3 Tuesday: San Francisco to Klamath Falls – 357 miles / 8 hours
  • Day 4 Wednesday: Klamath Falls to Home – 385 miles / 9 hours
  • Day 5 Thursday: Home to Mt. St. Helens and back – 167 miles 5 hours


The map of my 5 days:

August 2010 ride route


A photo set from the ride can be found here:

Monument Trip Aug 2010


Now, my bike is still in the shop awaiting a new set of tires, as well as full factory scheduled maintenance; which all means that I have been without transportation for a week now, and likely another week to come. Hopefully the new tires come in soon enough to allow for a quick ride this weekend!