Ok… thus far we have received 10 inches of snow, and the forecast is calling for another 7+ by the end of tonight. Temps have been hovering in the low 20’s for the past week or so…. this is unheard of for this area!!!! We’re typically in the 30s for the lows and upper 40s for the highs this time of year, and -maybe- with an inch or less of snow that only sticks for a day. We’re going on a week of this now, and it doesn’t sound like it will be melting off for another week…

We’re doing fine; though Jean is missing a bit of work because of it. We can walk to our local grocer so we’re stocked up and able to get things if needed.

That said, here are some pictures; http://picasaweb.google.com/acdntlpoet/SnowStormDec2008#

2 thoughts on “The Great PDX snow-in of 2008

    1. Re: Jeep

      Nope, just the Benz and the bike. Of course ‘need’ is a very relative term, and I can honestly say we haven’t ‘needed’ it. It would have come in handy, but really more as a nicety than a need.

      What I really NEED, is a snow shovel, but the region has been clean sold out for the past week.

      That said, no one expected 14 inches in 2 days, on top of the previous week’s 5 or so. This is not normal by any stretch, so justifying any purchase larger than a snow shovel is silly.

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