Photos from Evergreen and the Coast

My parents visited us last weekend, which prompted us to take some touristy day trips with them. Since I’ve been exhausted since then and work ramped up activity too, I wanted to at least get out some of the pictures from the weekend and get that weekly blog post done. I may write up something more, but for now it is just visual.

I present these mainly untouched photos (a few have been mildly altered) as the best of the weekend either by my choice or my Dad’s (as we looked through them and he pointed out his faves).

Evergreen Air and Space Museum, Canon Beach in Oregon, and North Head Lighthouse on the Southern Washington coast:



As always I welcome your comments critiques. I know there’s a LOT of photos here, so don’t feel the need to comment on any/all… I hope you enjoy them in their ‘raw’ state!