Information… give me looooooong distance…

Ok, enough Manhattan Transfer. 🙂 While out antiquing a few weeks back, Jean and I happened upon a particular store which has a small specialty in restored vintage phones; the majority of which have been rebuilt with modern parts to function with today’s phone lines. While I love the idea, I just can’t bring myself to shell out the $200-400 wanted for such pieces, which are more novelty than truly functional due to the minimal feature sets.

So, while out browsing eBay once again, I happened upon a few fun vintage pieces which I looked at and thought to myself, “I could probably hack in some thing to make these functional”. So I bought them, and they’re now sitting in my garage awaiting inspiration to strike. You know, that moment when I can finally visualize how it will all go together. Mind you, I have ideas for each bit, I just haven’t really decided on an overall idea: do I want them to be semi-functional, 110% vintage, and stay wired? Or do I want to go wireless and maintain functionality if not 100% authentic looks. It all really depends on -how- I can make these work for me in my daily job, since I’d love to replace my desktop phone with a vintage hack.

So, until I decide and get a move on, here’s a quick look at the original pieces before any modification. I will, of course, post a write up with full details and photos once/if I complete the project and get a functioning system: