As promised, pics of the new cut, behind the cut, like a good little emo kid:

A direct link to the Picasa album is here.


19 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

      1. I’m hoping to catch up with you guys post expo…sadly, I have a princess gig that day down in Hollister, and I don’t think we’ll be back in time to make the official tasting. Maybe pints at the Irish Bank?

          1. Well my Friday is free and I understand that Fergus and Sean are goign to be hitting the city, so…. I might be hungover for that gig. 😉

    1. You’re absolutely correct. A proper hawk SHOULD be -completely- shaved on the sides… but you see, I’ve done “Bic-bald” and, well, that seriously doesn’t work on my head, so I opted for a #2 clipper to keep some definition. Plus, it also gave me an out if it didn’t work: I could buzz it without going completely bald again 🙂 ALWAYS have a backup plan I say!

    1. Re: Nice…

      Well…. I NEEDED a haircut in a seriously bad way, so I was getting a chop before WotW one way or another. I started thinking about it and decided that if I didn’t do it NOW, I never would (don’t want to be growing all shaggy in the summer time ya know). Really, the timing is coincidental. Oddly enough WotW gave me more pause and concern than I’d normally have since it is the one time I’d really be out in public. Ah well, I’m committed to it now 😉

  1. hair cut

    It actually doesn’t look bad. But the thing that makes it is the look on your face. I do not have an explanation. There is a bit of….. a yeah I look good and also so you have a problem with this?….punk

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