Wuv….. Twoooo Wuv.

Yesterday was our anniversary.
After eight years of marriage and thirteen years together, I can honestly say that Jean and I are better now than we ever have been.

We still have our issues (both together and individually) and get on the other’s nerves at times, but luckily they are few and far between.

We went out to Cosmo’s Italian Cafe last night for a nice little dinner, though the real celebration will be in Vegas this weekend. While the intent of the trip is based on seeing Rush at the MGM Grand Saturday night, we have planned it out so Friday night will include a very nice dinner with John and Mary to help celebrate our anniversary and Mary’s birthday. Yes, there will be a lot of wine consumed Friday night.

So there you have it; a short entry with no astounding revelations or emotional drama. Who’da thunk it?