Well, it has come and gone…

The first of hopefully many poker nights was had last night at our house. Since I had received a poker chip set for Christmas, and my buddy Aaron happened to receive a felt table cover as well, it just seemed right to start a monthly game.

After playing some poker up at George and Kathy’s last time we were up in Santa Maria, I realized how much fun it is to sit around a table with friends, drink, and chat/gossip/snark about nothing and everything. So I figured I needed to be able to do that without having to drive 200 miles North to get my fix. (We still will, but now we have the ability to play on weeknights.)

We had too much food (as always) and a decent amount of beer, which I believe is mandatory for any good poker night. No smoking cigars, but that’s because it is MY house and I don’t want it to smell…

I did get one picture of us playing, which you will find behind the cut here:

OK, ok… you got me, that’s not really us. I HAD intended to get a picture of us, but forgot about it half way through the night… suffice to say we weren’t as shaggy, but still had more fun than should be allowed on a school night 🙂

So there it is… I expect next month’s game will be just as fun, if not more so.

10 thoughts on “Well, it has come and gone…

    1. Re: heeeeyyyyy

      Since most of us are busy on weekends, we decided that a good way to break up the month, and the week, would be to have it on a wednesday night… of course that doesn’t mean we can’t play on the weekends too!

      The tough part is getting people to agree on a day and commit to it 🙂 Out of the 7 other people invited last night 4 were unable to make it.

      Let me know when a good weekend would be for you and I’ll see about setting up another game…

      1. Re: heeeeyyyyy

        LOL Well, at this point I don’t have a free weekend until MARCH! So I’ll check back in with you next month 😉

    1. You DO realize that if you had stayed…. we STILL would have started one. Only difference is that you two would have been invited. But since you decided to leave, and it would be a bit f a commute on a weeknight for you, well, you know the story.


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