Weekend fun

This weekend was outstanding. Colleen (browncolleen) flew in for a visit on Thursday evening and stayed with us until Monday afternoon. (If you are following me on Twitter or as a BrightKite friend, you already have an idea of the fun that was had.)

In between those bookends was a wonderful time exploring the city and surrounding areas, eating and drinking, and sitting on our butts enjoying the time together.

Following are some highlight pictures from the weekend:

At Multnomah Falls:

At the Vista House overlooking the Columbia River Gorge:

At Mount St. Helens:

Drinks and dinner at Jo Bar, then Dessert at Papa Haydn’s:

And new holes for Colleen (once was fun, twice is tradition now!):

Colleen even had some geoduck sushi, and liked it:

All in all it was a GREAT weekend. My only regret is that it couldn’t last longer. We LOVE it when friends come visit, not only because we get to host our friends and enjoy their company, but because it gets us out into the city and beyond to explore new things we may not have seen otherwise. So come on up and give us an excuse to get out and have fun!

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