War is upon us. Literally. It starts tomorrow!

Laundry list of to-sew/do items for Estrella War this week:

Houpeland- pattern and lining are cut. Only need to sew it all together. The dags on the angel arms are gonna be a bitch! Hopefully I can get this one checked off tonight. I have no clue how long this will take to complete, though I am hoping it will be fairly quick due to the majority of long straight seems. Of course those dags will slow me down substantially….

Cowl- to match the houpeland. Nothing cut yet, but I have the fabric out and ready. I expect maybe 30 minutes total to complete this.

Coif- to match my grey tunic. Nothing cut yet either, but really, this is an easy one. Shouldn’t take more han 10 minutes.

Any repairs to garb which I have not yet found, but am sure to find when packing (that always happens).

Not to mention I now need to take Lenore back to the mechanic’s shop because she seems to have sprouted another small tranny leak. Bad news. Hopefully I can get her over there before they close tonight so I don’t have to worry about taking her in the morning. Crossing my fingers that this is a quick fix.

Which sucks, because now I won’t be able to pack her up until I get her back from the shop. All I will be able to do tomorrow all day is stage for packing and run some last minute errands to pick up essentials which we have forgotten/ put off getting.

Oh, and all this needs to be done by tomorrow afternoon, since we are leaving tomorrow night at 10:30pm. Good times! Nothing like rushing at the last minute eh?

The good news is that the big stuff (tent, bed, armour, etc.) has all been hauled out to Arizona already so I don’t have to worry about packing anything other than liquor, soda/redbull/water, clothing, bedding, and any other small miscellaneous and sundry items. So packing shouldn’t be too difficult. I was just hoping to get a good sleep in before getting up and driving to Arizona at 11pm tomorrow night!

More good news is we just paid our two credit cards off, in full, so we now have cash and room on the cards for the trip to and from war. Which is more of just piece-of-mind than anything, but still feels good 🙂