Vague blogging is the blog equivalent to vaguebooking: the practice of posting Facebook statuses which contain so little information as to render the reader confused to the point of annoyance. This is one of those posts, I’m afraid.

Behind the scenes work doesn’t typically make for a good blog post. Most often it is all administrative or strategic work that runs from boring to confidential; neither of which are good blog fodder. And that’s what’s been going on recently: lots of 2013 strategic and logistic planning, along with administrative tasks to get the framework and structure all setup and ready to move forward. The coming year is looking to be a huge one for me (and a few others) if these strategies and plans work out as designed.

Since my brain has been full with either boring things or things I just can’t talk about yet (have I noted I follow the IBM Social Computing Guidelines? I’m sure I have 😉 ), I’ll do the next best thing and share an image I’ve been using a lot recently… Hopefully this will be enough to both tantalize and satiate you for the week:


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