Vacuums and Buff coats and Visitors, OH MY.

This weekend was actually fairly productive and relaxing.

Friday night was another small work party for Raz and I to continue work on our buff coat projects. This was the point where I needed a bit of assistance on some of the finishing work and Raz was wonderful enough to come down to help work through some of the questions I had while Jean and Maggie watched movies and then entertained Colleen when she showed up later. All in all it was a fun night that lasted until 11pm or midnight, I can’t quite remember.

Saturday was pretty much just a day of rest as we had very little to DO. And thankfully so, as it was damn hottm. (Which is to say around 100-105 in the height of it.) Colleen was back over around 3 for Jean’s own work party to cut and sew some chemises, which turned out to be more of a knitting party between the two while I continued work on my buff coat and watched movies.

Tom and Terri were kind enough to call and invite us up to hang out with them at the Sheraton by Disneyland, as they had landed a room for Bat’s Day fun. After chatting with Jean about it, however, we decided that the luxury of A/C (did I mention it was friggin HOT) and complete laziness would win out, not to mention the shear expense of a night/day at Disneyland nowadays (when all is said and done, a day at Disney for 2 adults will eat up about $150 on average). As such, it just wasn’t in the cards and we remained in-doors, on our couch, slightly tipsy the whole evening.

Sunday was where things got productive. It was cleaning time! I mowed the lawn out front around 10 (hoping I’d beat the heat… boy was I wrong) and then got to vacuuming the rest of the house with our new Dyson DC14 Animal model vacuum. I’ll tell ya, if you have pets, and DON’T have one of these… GET ONE. This is hands down the best vacuum I have ever used. (Over the course of my life I’d say I have used at least 10 different brands and models, so it isn’t like this is the only vacuum I have ever touched.) And don’t let the price scare you. If $549 is too much for your blood, Amazon has the same vacuum in a factory refurbished unit for a mere $379. And I’ll tell you, the factory refurb showed up looking and running like it was brand spanking new. Impressive it is.

Jean did the shopping, cleaned the kitchen and various bits of other rooms, and did laundry. (Even with cleaning the stairs, I got the better deal on this one since I got to play with the new vacuum). At this point, I think the house is as clean as it is going to get, and I was pretty beat. So I sat down for the rest of the day and worked even MORE on my buff coat, to the point where all I have left to do is cut and lace up the faux lacing, and sew in the hook closures. Once it is done, I’ll post pictures of the progress from start to finish.

Now why, may you ask, did we do so much cleaning this weekend? (Well at least it SEEMED like a lot of leaning…) Because my friend Stephanie, whom I have known since 2nd grade (yep, I’ve known here even longer than I’ve known Jean!), is out from Boston during the week and we’ll be hosting a small get-together of old school friends. By small, I mean no more than 10 including Jean and I. By school friends I mean people we have known and gone to school with in our Elementary, Junior High, and High school years. There is a core group that surrounds Stephanie which seems to only get together when she comes out from Boston. It is kind of amusing how she seems to be the bond that holds everyone together.

Well, Stephanie hasn’t yet seen our new house, and I want to make a good impression on her. Not to mention the rest of the crew hasn’t seen it either and I’d be damned if they partied in a dirty house. Hence, the final rush yesterday to clean as much as possible before everyone shows up today at 5:30, which also just so happens to be the time I get home from work. Cutting it close? Hell yes. Worth it so we can spend as much time with Steph as possible? ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY.

Of course after tonight, we will still be trying to keep the house clean as it sounds like the 3 Drunken Celts meeting next Saturday will start at Muldoon’s, but may work its way back to our place for even MORE Scotch and relaxed conversation. Especially since Fergus hasn’t yet seen our new place either.

Which brings me to my last point:
We have some amazingly great friends. Every single person whom we have welcomed into our house has been incredibly appreciative and courteous. Out of those people, over half have commented about how inviting and comfortable our house is. And THAT, my friends, means everything to me. For our house to be a place where all our friends feel welcomed, at ease, comfortable, and “at home” is the best feeling in the world. To be able to host our dearest friends in countless evenings filled with food, drink, and most importantly friendship, is truly a dream come true. It brings me nothing but happiness to have our friends with us in our home and not feeling like “guests” but rather, like family. Which is what you all are.

5 thoughts on “Vacuums and Buff coats and Visitors, OH MY.

    1. Thanks! But I’m not doing Cavalier. Though it is around the same period, I am actually trying my hand at 1599 Border Reiver. Cavalier is too far OOP. Close, yes, but still a distinct difference. A Laurel such as you should know better 😛

      1. SUCH a brat. OK, fair nuff. But frankly, there just isn’t a whole helluvalot of difference when you are talkin’ about buff-coats. There are, of course, some fancier versions. But they are pretty darned utilitarian, for the most part.

        1. Not much of a difference, correct. BUT Cavalier is rarely associated with buff coats, and more commonly associated with garrish doublets, hats, and Italian influence. Whereas, the border reivers were influenced mainly by German and French. The biggest difference lies in frequency of use and common association.

          The coat I am making is fairly plain. The only fancy portion being scalloped short sleeves and is based on extant examples in the Royal Armoury at Leeds.

        2. It’s not too far removed from Cavalier, what with the lace cuffs and ruffs and feathered caps. Reivers are “foofy”, but they’ll kick your ass. It is where the term “bereaved” comes from, if that gives you any idea.

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