My company just let our web-designer/tech-writer/marketing guy go yesterday. They cited business and performance reasons for the move.

Because we are so small, losing anyone at this point means two things for the company: 1. more work for everyone else, as we still need documentation and website updates, as well as marketing, and..
2. poor Sales numbers, which in turn means profitability is suffering. Why else would 1/10th of our office staff be let go without a replacement? Only money talks that loudly.

This has me concerned, but could also bode well for me at the same time. Hopefully we can keep our doors open, and if we can, I may be tasked (gotta love those buzzwords) with creating more of the documentation for the product. This is a HUGE benefit to me since tech writing is my longterm goal career-wise.

So, for now I will continue what I have been doing and see where the ride takes me… it should be interesting at least.

5 thoughts on “Uneasiness

    1. Oh… my resume is always up-to-date.

      Not sure it is needed though. Just makes me a little nervous. Course I don’t know the real reason behind letting him go, but an odd thing did happen yesterday which I didn’t think much of until something hit me just now:

      I was sitting at my desk as I normally do, which sits a few feet outside out kitchen door. At some point yesterday morning, some one asked, “Is that -your- Michelob?”. I ignored the question, because they -obviously- couldn’t be talking to me, and went about the rest of my day.

      Makes me wonder now what the REAL reason they let him go was…. my conspiracy theorists mind is all aflutter now!

      1. The type of alcohol in which one indulges reveals much about their character. While I feel bad for anyone who finds themselves suddenly and unexpectedly sans paycheck (having so recently graduated from that state myself), I can certainly understand your management’s desire to rid themselves of a Michelob drinker. The only thing scarier would be a Schlitz or Pabst Blue-ribbon drinker.

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