Uisce Beatha, the water of life… meme survey thingy.

Survey of alcohol consumption, copy and paste this with your OWN answers!!!

1. First time you ever drank? Sometime as a child when dad was watching the superbowl and had his yearly half-a-six-pack.
2. More of a beer or liquor person: Depends on my mood, but I would classify myself as a very elitist liquor person.
3. What type of drunk are you? Amorous. VERY friendly.
4. How many on your Top 8 have you been drunk with? 7, Wendi is my tattoo artist and as such should not see me drunk.
5. How many on your Top 8 have you taken care of when they are drunk? 2
6. Favorite Mixed Drink: Mojito.
7. Favorite Beer: Guinness and any Hefeweizen
8. Shot: shots are worthless. Give me a snifter any day.
9. Top 5 Favorite beers (if applicable): Guinness, Pyramid Hefeweizen, Pyramid Curveball, Stella Artois, Spaten.
10. More of a Bar or Club person: Pub. None of this sports grill shit, I want a true and proper pub.
11. Alcohol you absolutely despise: Martini. Tastes like ass.
12. Ever bought a stranger a drink: kinda. I’d never met theJamez before, but he wasn’t really a stranger either.
13. Been thrown out of a bar/club for fighting? Not yet…
14. Favourite Liquor: Whiskey, Whisky, and Scotch.
15. Ever make out with someone in front of a cheering crowd: nope, but Jean has
16. Most expensive drink you have had?: Most expensive I have actually paid for would be a $25 glass of the Midleton’s Very Rare… but there was that $90 glass of the Midleton’s 26 year old that I had on the house. Of course that probably still pales in comparison to the glass of the Glenfiddich 40 year which retails at about $2000/bottle, not sure what that would translate to per glass.
17. Ever buy a round for random people: no. too expensive for my taste.
18. Best band you’ve seen while drinking: The Fenians, Paddy Doyle’s Boots, The Bushmills Pipe and Drum Tattoo
19. Ever danced on the bar/stage: not I.
20. Best town/area to drink in: San Francisco. Best pubs and bars around.
21. Do you forget a lot of what happens during a night of hard drinking? Only once.
22. Ever been drunk around your parents? Stoned, yes… but not drunk.
23. Ever pissed yourself from drinking too much? Uh, no.
24. What is the most shots you have had in one night? 32 I think… not sure how many shots are in a bottle of Tully though.
25. Ever drank absinthe? Not yet…
26. What gets you into trouble when you’re drunk? Adrian, Raz, and Sean. They are my downfall.
27. Ever blacked out while having sex drunk? Nope. That would suck.
28. Can you drink your friends under the table? For the most part, yes, but there are a few out there that still have me beat hands down.
29. Who is your favorite person to be DRUNK with? Adrian, Raz, and Sean. Cause really, getting into trouble is soooooo much fun!