ugh. it just never stops.

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The weekend is already too short, and it hasn’t even started yet. I need a vacation, which ain’t gonna be happening anytime soon. And no, war doesn’t count.

Building a coffin tomorrow. If that tells you anything about how the past two weeks have gone. I should have been building it long ago, but alas, procrastination has prevailed. (No, this is NOT about me being more “goth” than anyone else.) I have decided to just go with a toe-pincher styled casket rather than try and do a more ornate curved lid style. It should be easier and less costly this way.

I am hoping that Sunday drags out so long that the weekend feels like 3 days. I really need some good solid, stress free, no user complaints, no worries, and no commitments, type of weekend. We’ll see if that happens.

I rode my bike into work today. I may just go cruise PCH and Ortega when I’m off for the day… that sounds nice and relaxing.

13 Responses to “ugh. it just never stops.”

  1. Coffin? Are you having another “I’m so goth” moment?

  2. You, my friend, are just as bad as my customers… READ forchristssake!

    and I quote: “No, this is NOT about me being more ‘goth’ than anyone else”

    The coffin is for the Whiskey Tasting. No more shall be said.

  3. “Customers” Ya know, they used to call them “Johns.” Just sayin…

  4. I’m confused

    J is so goth he services his johns in a coffin? Geez…you think you know a person….!

  5. Re: I’m confused

    Apparently, you don’t REALLY know a person until you embalm them.

    He’s so goth, he uses formaldehyde in place of botox.

  6. Re: I’m confused

    You’ll both be singing a new tune come Friday night at war…. You’ll like my Coffin then!

  7. Re: I’m confused

    Oooooooh, I think he invited people…
    Sounded like a proposition to me..

  8. Re: I’m confused


  9. Re: I’m confused

    For you it will be 😉

    I’d say it did a fair job of laying you out last year!

  10. Re: I’m confused

    We need to make pins – I passed out in the 3dc encampment 🙂

  11. Re: I’m confused

    I don’t remember

  12. Re: I’m confused

    If G passes out 2 years in a row does he get a pink Cadillac?

  13. You’re going to have to explain the whole coffin thing to me tonight.

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