Today is a sad day…

I just signed over the title for the hearse to a new owner.

Now, many of you are surely shocked and surprised by this. Let me explain how this came to be:

When we moved to Oregon in late May, the hearse was probably one of the best vehicles to help us on the journey; with storage/cargo space galore, I doubt we could have done it as easily without her.

Since the move, I am now working from home; making my commute minimal at worst, non-existent at best. Because of this change in lifestyle, Lenore has sat in our driveway months on end without use. I can count on one hand the number of times I have driven her since last May; and THAT my friends, is a shame.

What this all boils down to is:
1. my motorcycle is my primary mode of transport. The Benz is my secondary. I have no need for a third vehicle which would only get used once every other month at most.
2. Lenore is a large vehicle which makes parking interesting, and I am the only one in the house comfortable driving her to work.
3. She’s a gas guzzler. Being the cheap-ass-bastards we are we tend to drive the Benz since Lenore costs so much to operate.
4. This is the one I HATE to admit… We didn’t want to have any issues with the new neighbors when we moved in. And we didn’t, but all the same. While this really is at the bottom of our reasons, it is still a small part of why we sold her.

Yes, I know. ALL of the reasons above are issues and items we knew before buying her initially. Really, the driving force behind the sale was the simple fact that we DON’T drive her. She just sits in the drive way. And THAT is sad.

So… we put her on the PDX Craig’s list and after a few weeks found someone who will take good care of her. He will not only give here the attention she needs cosmetically and mechanically, but he’ll actually DRIVE her and love her. It makes me happy to know she is with someone who will appreciate her. We are sad she is gone, but very happy that she is with someone who will love her properly.

With that, we bid Lenore a very fond adieu. She will be missed. Perhaps we will cross paths again someday…

3 thoughts on “Today is a sad day…

  1. I can relate to the attachment you seem to have to this car. When I had to sell my beloved orange dodge neon to clear the path to mortgage approval, it broke my heart. But I knew it was for the best, even if it hurt like hell.

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