Tired, but done.

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Got the grill, unassembled, and got it home. Put it together, hooked up the gas lines, and fired it up. Worked like a charm. Hit 400 degrees within 5 minutes.

I am gonna love cooking on this thing.

I also got a nice little 12 volt cordless drill (from Home Depot thankyouverymuch) to replace my old 7.6 volt whose charger died a few months back. Damn this new one rocks too! 350lbs of torque and a 20 minute charger for the batteries. Yum.

I feel all manly today. New drill, new grill (even got a light for it!), a little sweat equity has made me a tired, but content man.

Now, where’s that carne asada……..

2 Responses to “Tired, but done.”

  1. I cannot wait to stand beside you and marvel at it’s grilling goodness. It it a good day for man.

  2. In the immortal words of Tim Allen: Arh arh arh.

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