Time for a beer… and a shower.

We worked on the tin ceiling more today. Got the main field up in one section:

Then decided to add the filler and cornices in the same section before we move on to the rest:

Next up is to complete the first section and tighten up all the seems, then move on to do the same thing for the other 3 sections.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure my thumb will survive this ceiling installation. I have hit it no less than 150 times just installing what you see in the pictures.

6 thoughts on “Time for a beer… and a shower.

  1. Thumb injury aside, that is beautiful. It also explains why the ceiling is plywood. I was going to ask but now it makes perfect sense.

    1. Ah, yes the lovely ply…. you should have seen it before the ply went up! (oh wait hold on… here you go:

      And thanks again… I am hoping it will all come together soon so I can tighten up all the seems and call it done!

  2. Totally off topic…… I’m listening to “The Force Cast” podcast of 6/27 while sewing. They are interviewing Tom Hodges (comic book artist). He’s the only comic artist I could name. Not a reader of them but came across his Star Wars drawings and liked them. Anyway…..went to his website. Found his LJ and YOU are listed as one of this friends there. So is Siobhan. And he friended you both. Way cool! Mary Catherine, too.

    1. Yup… we met Tom and Terri when they lived in Rancho Santa Margarita a few years back. Got to be good friends with them before they moved to San Antonio (and then we subsequently moved to Portland). When they lived in RSM we’d all hang out at our various houses celebrating one thing or another… most often just celebrating “Saturday”.

      Oddly enough, I am no where near a Star Wars geek, and though I knew Tom is an artist, I never really understood how big his fan base was. I just know Tom, the regular guy who happens to make his living “drawring” geeky stuff.

      In fact I didn’t know Tom had any sort of fan base until a year or two after getting to be good friends. It still amuses me that people in the Star Wars circles know who he is 🙂

      Here a picture of Tom getting his first bit of ink, amazingly he didn’t even cry like the little schoolgirl we thought he was 😉


  3. Toolz v. Thumbz

    suggestion: cost of renting or buying a light duty power nailer (either battery, electric, or air-driven) is far less than long term care for shattered/splattered thumb. also much less tiring overall, given that you’re working in an awkward position in the first place. allows for one hand to position the tile, the other the nailer. more accuracy, less fuss, faster, safer, easier, keeps macho intact via use of POWER tool while saving thumb and adrenal glands.

    1. Re: Toolz v. Thumbz

      Suggestion not taken lightly 🙂
      I had considered this route (power nailer) before we even ordered the tin, but opted to go the traditional route with decorative nailheads since the ceiling is fairly low and we wanted to do it “right”.

      Well… I finally had enough and bit the proverbial nail. Bought a Paslode 16ga Angle Finish nailer and went to town. See my most recent post. You can’t tell the difference in the nail heads. Oh well, live and learn. At least I can say I did one section by hand 🙂

      Now, I know it isn’t a project until you bleed on it, but does internal hemorrhaging count? 😉

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