This weekend in a nutshell…

I have been quite remiss in keeping up to date with my entries. Something I shall have to remedy soon. And no, I don’t think now counts, since this is just a weekend recap bullshit post that will have no real meat to it. I do have a ton of stuff floating in my head, but that hasn’t had time to vomit out to the page. Yup, work has been THAT busy.

This weekend started on Friday evening with my Parents coming over to the house so I could take Dad out for his birthday. This actually turned out to be a nice night! We took them to Agave Mexican Grill, just around the corner from our house, which really sucks because they have incredible Mojitos, and I have a weak sense of self control… except for Friday. I was quite controlled then. But, I digress… the food was fabulous as always, and my Parents seemed to really love it. After dinner, we found our way back home, and had coffee on the couch. It was very nice to just sit around and chat with my parents without any other outside influences to disrupt us.

Saturday morning came way too soon, but it was well worth it. 5 of us (Colleen, Ant, Lisa, Jean and I) met at John and Mary’s at 8:30am for our 9am limo pickup time. Once in the limo, it was off to Temecula for a day of wine tasting and over indulgence. Which is like any other typical weekend for us, except this time we had someone other than John to drive us around.

We were able to get to 4 wineries in the time we had. We were able to get out to Wilson Creek, which I have found to be over rated, and a bit too corporate to be an enjoyable taste. Call me old fashioned, but I believe a person pouring tastes in a Vintner’s tasting room should, oh say, have a decent amount of knowledge about the wines she is pouring. Lucky us, we got stuck with a sweetheart of a lady, who was a self-proclaimed “beer person”. She was nice, but had no clue about the wines. Sad really. I don’t think I’ll be returning there. The wines were unremarkable, and the Almond Champagne which is their flagship product is a bit too sweet for me.

From Wilson Creek, we made our way over to Bailey, where we found an outstanding Portuguese styled Port which can run with the big boys at a fraction of the cost, along with a wonderful Cab-Franc. After a half-case purchase for J&M, Colleen, Jean and myself, we found hat we had enough time to cover two more and aimed for Filsinger Winery on the back loop.

Filsinger is my kind of winery. It is a small, boutique style winery which doesn’t see a lot of traffic, but is still able to produce wines of remarkable character at a price point which halves those of the main road’s wineries. Of course, this meant another half case purchase for J&M, and Jean&Me, but a full case for Colleen. My only disappointment here is that my cellars couldn’t handle the volume of purchasing I wished I could do at Filsinger.

After a wonderful time at Filsinger, we made our way out to Thornton to finish off the day. My mistake, I forgot that Tornton does seated tastings, so I felt a bit hurried when we were there. I did find that the Cote^ Red was amazing, but had already filled my allotment of cellar space, so opted not to buy at Thornton. Though I WILL pick up a few bottles at my earliest ability to do so.

After Thornton, it was back to J&Ms for an early dinner delivered from Lucille’s, and relaxation on the couch. Man we are old. We all crashed VERY early and made it home around 9pm to call it a night.

Sunday morning came too early once again, and we found ourselves up at the Old Ship in Santa Ana with J&M, and Ant&Lisa, for a good English Breakfast. I have found that I am IN LOVE with Black Pudding (aka, blood sausage) and have to have it whenever I find it to be available on a menu. If you are a mildly adventurous eater, you really should try it!

After breakfast, I found myself back home with nothing to do, as Jean is off at a bridal shower for a friend. So I surfed the net a bit, took a quick ride on the motorcycle, and am back in my home office updating my LJ, which I have been so lax at over the past two weeks. I need a vacation from my weekends! Things have been too busy at work to relax, and playtime on the weekends has been booked pretty solid, so it is nice to have an afternoon to myself. I think I’ll go enjoy it some more ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “This weekend in a nutshell…

    1. Well, next time you are in Southern California, let m eknow and I’ll see what I can do to show you around the wineries… ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. glad you had fun!

    sounds like an awesome weekend! guess all that means we need to make a thornton trip soon to get wine…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    yummy yummy!

  2. Lisa & I had a great time. I’ll send on the group pic we took outside Thorntons, it came out quite good. And as for breakfast… even I couldn’t manage the second piece of fried bread! (Don’t know why I even got two…?)

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