This one is for you…

Ok, maybe not JUST you, but you’ll understand:

Last weekend Jean and Colleen and I made our random pilgrimage to Hi-Time Wine Cellars with one sole purpose: to buy scotch.

Colleen left with a bottle of Suntory (a quite pleasant Japanese single malt Whiskey).

Jean and I, well, we left with two bottles (plus some wine cause it is a sin to not come home with wine):
One 750ml of Sheep Dip (don’t let the name or the screw cap fool you, this is a fabulous scotch).
And one 500ml of The Edradour 12 year, single malt “Straight from the Cask”.

The only downside here is that I won’t be opening them until the Whiskey Tasting at Great Western War in early October. Until then I will just have to do with my bottles of The Balvenie and The Midleton… poor, poor me.

7 thoughts on “This one is for you…

    1. Yup… and I am willing to bet you may have actually had some last year. It really IS good scotch, despite what you may believe.

      From what I have gathered, the name originates from the slang used for scotch. Apparently scotch has been referred to as “sheep dip” for quite sometime due to the popularity of the drink with the herders…

      Or, I could be completely bull-shitting you….

        1. Hmmmm

          I seem to remember ‘someone’ sitting down and drinking cask strength straight from the bottle….
          are we ever going to show him those pictures we took? *hint hint*

          War is less than a month away and I need to buy scotch!!

          1. Re: Hmmmm

            Let me add a portion to your line: I seem to remember ‘someone’ sitting down and drinking cask strength straight from the bottle….From Seamus’ LAP.

            Dirty dirty boy…

            1. Re: Hmmmm

              Well, I was hoping to spark his memory before we blow up the pictures of that as the invites for the next whiskey tasting.
              Granted, not everyone will be able to drink from your lap :p

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