The things that keep me up at night.

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If I eat rose petals for lunch, will my shit smell like roses finally?

I wonder…….

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  1. Boy, that’ll be the day…

    Ok, the things you think about are starting to scare me… 😉

  2. So, who slipped crack into Jason’s coffee?

  3. no no no

    The question is who slipped coffee into my crack… or roses to be more precise. 😛


    Damn I need a drink.

  4. I think nothing disturbs me more then the boy’s choice of music.

  5. Ooh, very good point.

  6. It was what was playing on my iPod at the time. I did not intentionally choose it. So yeah, envy me, cause I got an iPod and you still don’t! 😛

    (that last part was meant for Tom mostly)

  7. um…aren’t you the one who chose the playlist to begin with?

    I’m very confused about the whole rose petal question. It would seem to me that no matter how many roses you put in, you’re still gonna end up with nothing but a pile of shit. Why are you so concerned with how fragrant your shit is anyway, are you planning to share the experience?

  8. honey, I have every singel song I own on my iPod. my playlist is currently set to the entire 40 gigs of the iPod which transaltes to roughly 6650 songs.

  9. Jason, you should never EVER admit to owning, knowing or listening to anything from new kids on the block.
    30 lashes with brittney’s skanky thong.
    that’ll learn ya

  10. are you trying to dissuade me from doing it? Interesting tactic if so.

  11. !!! ??

    You were NOT listening to New Kids On The Block when you wrote this…

  12. You hand selected each and every one of those songs and out of the thousands you had to choose from you could only find 6,649 that were better than New Kids on the Block?!! That is frightening beyond words. Now I’m wondering how much Menudo and Spice Girls you have programmed into that thing.

  13. He told me he secretly fantasizes about Ricky Martin back when he was in Menudo… shhhhhh don’t tell I told you.

  14. I once heard a rumor that J loves nothing better than 80’s stuff from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force, and Debbie Gibson. Come to think of it, that tune he’s constantly humming DOES sound an awful lot like “Electric Youth.”

    Before he cut his hair, he used to pull it back like Michael Bolton when he thought no one was around. or so I hear.

  15. Re: !!! ??

    yep. actually I was. Serendipity I tells ya.
    there I was merrily typing away when I come to the “Current Music” field. I stop. I listen. Its the New Kids. I laughed my ass off, cause some how, some way, it really DID fit the post. Lucky happenstance 🙂

  16. Actually… the 6649 other songs were all generically downloaded and/or ripped from CDs I own. Ask Jean and she’ll tell you that _I_ am even constantly surprised by what songs appear. I’d say there’s at least a good 500 songs I have never heard, which reside on my iPod.

    And yes, I DO have Lisa Lisa AND Debbie Gibson songs on my iPod. Along with Slade, Static-X, Bare Naked Ladies, and Motley Crue. I’m eclectic like that.

  17. Slade and Crue rock. Debbie Gibson needs to die – well her “music” does anyway.

    and Eclectic and Eccentric are not the same thing!

  18. *shops for a new ‘hug me’ jacket for Jason…
    it’ll be ok….
    we’ll just buckle it up a bit tighter at first.

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