The lack of posts means I just don’t have much to say.

Last week was a write off due to the load of work. This week, however, is proving much more manageable, though busy none-the-less. This of course means that I have not been inside my own head much recently, but rather just reacting to external stimuli. Sometimes that can be a good thing, other times I need the down time. Recently it has been an odd mix of the two.

While able to get a lot of work done, I have still been floating around with a distinct feeling of lacking accomplishment. We still have quite a bit to do around the house before next weekend’s big work party. Though we have accomplished a good deal already, I still feel like I am missing things. Of course I just HAD to feel motivated to finally decorate and organize the house in the middle of the holidays. Soon my plate will be too full yet again, and I’ll have to back-burner some items on the to-do lists in order to get to the more important ones. Sigh.

I am quite ready for the year to end now. Come January, I should finally have the time to devote to some projects that I _want_ to get done, rather than the ones I _need_ to get done… Here’s to hoping.

2 thoughts on “The lack of posts means I just don’t have much to say.

  1. My home-decorating-and-organizing urges always kick in around this time too. Frustrating, no? Maybe it’s self-sabotage. Though last year I was able to combine the two, as my family spent Christmas day in my apartment–very effective way of getting a lot of shit done by deadline!

    1. I hear you. We invite people over to the house as a motivational tool to get us cleaning. And I will agree that it is indeed self sabotage to a point. Why do we do this to ourselves???!?!!?!?!

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