The Intrawebnetthingy doesn’t lie

From the Infamous vaults of
I present you with the undying PROOF that I am indeed, god.

As seen from to prove that I am not making this up:

Googlism for: Jason

Jason is god
Jason is alive
Jason is the happiest he has ever been in his life
Jason is judging my camera work
Jason is alive? jason is in
Jason is awesome
Jason is that which is
Jason is going later this year
Jason is a therapeutic super protector and
Jason is not stupid

See? Proof, right there in black and white… Go look up what Google thinks of you at

3 thoughts on “The Intrawebnetthingy doesn’t lie

  1. Others that I found amusing…

    jason is one of new york city area’s most respected
    jason is hostile
    jason is possessed
    jason is a buttmuffin
    jason is a sick bastard
    jason is helpful in advising you on the strengths and weaknesses of the offers you are getting
    jason is the devil
    jason is a certified master trainer for obedience and behavior
    jason is not above cool marketing techniques
    jason is such a pig
    jason is my hero
    jason is not likely to attack downfield
    jason is the total package
    jason is hilarious
    jason is back to his old tricks in an entirely new setting
    jason is the son of peaches and jesus
    jason is kept under lock and key
    jason is a therapeutic super protector and
    jason is a genius
    jason is hot
    jason is right
    jason is what hollywood calls a “hard r
    jason is hard to understand
    jason is the #2512 most common female name
    jason is by far the best
    jason is currently in serious but stable condition
    jason is a bitch and won’t

    So true… really.

    1. Re: Others that I found amusing…

      How is it that you can be both God and the Devil? And you are also apparently the son of the Son of God…

      Buttmuffin. We need to start spreading that word around. Do you know the muffin man?

      And I really don’t need something else telling you you’re right, since you seem to know that already…

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