Surreal experiences…

One of the most surreal things I have seen in recent months (aside from Jean and I actually owning a REAL home), was last night at the simulcast of Prince’s kick-off show for his Musicology tour.

Towards the end of the show, during one of the slow, ballad interludes in the concert, the audience in the theatre begins pulling out their cell phones and waving them over their heads, all lit up like lighters during “Stairway to Heaven”.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. Only in Southern California.

Otherwise, the concert was amazing! Prince is now up at the top of my list of live performers. (Topping that list is Peter Gabriel.) He kicked out some old classics like “I feel for You” and “Purple Rain”, along with giving the audience a history lesson of sorts with the wide range of musical styles making up his new Musicology album. This boy KNOWS his Jazz, Blues, and Funk roots. Hot damn! Like Peter, he truly has the best people in the business working for him.

IF a DVD is coming out from the footage shot last night, you can bet we will be picking it up without a second thought.


I guess now is as good a time as any to quickly recap last weekend:

Friday night we took Colleen out to Inka Mama’s, a fabulous little Peruvian restaurant in Foothill Ranch. Total comfort food type place. We stuffed ourselves silly, then headed back home for some wine and conversation. Good times as always.

Saturday our love seat, sofa, and dining room chairs showed up. The dining room chairs work even better in the room and with our new hutch than I thought. I am VERY happy with that. Unfortunately, I am not as happy with the sofa and love seat. While I DO love them, and find them to be unbelievably comfortable, I just don’t think they fit well in the room. They are simply too large for the space and dwarf the room into SOFA and walls. The fabric is fabulous, and the accent pillows are PERFECT, the only thing I really don’t like is the shear size of the two pieces. I’ll get over it though.

Jean also took the Jeep in for service which ended up costing a bit less than I had anticipated, though the work necessary was exactly as expected.

Sunday Jean helped meg out with a birthday party for Vicky, meg and Craig’s 6 year old. I was privileged enough to not warrant an invite, so while Jean and meg dealt with a handful of 5/6 year old girls, I lounged on the couch and made some repairs to the front sprinkler valve. So, at the least I felt minimally productive. I fired up the BBQ again and grilled up some pork, which is never a bad thing.

Which brings us back to Monday, and the Prince concert. To top off the concert, every audience member even got a copy of his new Musicology cd, approximately 3 weeks before it is released. Pretty damn cool if I do say so.

Pretty mundane update this time round. Probably due to the fact that I am still very tired from the concert last night. Got to bed later than normal and up earlier than normal since I had trouble sleeping last night. Ugh.