Sunday rant.

Two BIG problems with today:

1. Agave closed its doors. Apparently it has been bought out by El Torito Grill. Fuckers! My favourtie mexican joint that so happened to be within walking distance to the house is no more. Soon to be replaced with conveyor bely crap. Damn damn damn!

2. Saw the movie “Crash” this evening. Fuck that blew! I liked it so much better 15 years ago when it was called “Grand Canyon”. I really don’t need to be brow beat by racial slurs to get the point. Seriously. I want those two hours of my life back. If you could feel butt-raped by a movie, this one would do it to you.

I am sure I’ll have more to say after a night’s sleep and once I sober up a tad. Until then, I curse each and every person whom ever said that “Crash” was a great film, inspiring, or moving. I feel like the kid from “Better Off Dead”: I want my 2 (read $4.50) Dollars!

13 thoughts on “Sunday rant.

    1. I know! Totally heartbroken. And it looks like Opah is closed too, but I couldn’t tell whether El Torito Grill was taking that over too or not.

      1. Didn’t care for Opah that much (although admittedly we only went there once), but I’m gutted about Agave. Whatever next – Wood Ranch being taken over by Black Angus???

  1. oh man, I can’t believe Agave closed! Obviously you weren’t supporting them! 😉

    (tongue firmly in cheek, I know how often you ate there, AND took friends there)

    1. Yup… and I am devastated that our undying support was all for naught 🙁 I think I’ll have to boycott El Torito grill when they finally open up. Bastards!

  2. SAY IT AIN’T SO!!

    NO!! Not Agave!! Just as I was getting ready to move to the neighborhood too. That’s it, I’m staying in MV!!!

    1. Re: SAY IT AIN’T SO!!

      Opah in Tustin is still open (or at least it was last week), so it doesn’t look like the ownership went under overall. I suspect el Turdito came in with a lucrative lease buyout. (sigh – there goes another friday-team-bulding-offsite-4-hr-lunch site…)

      As for “Crapsh” – praise be! I’m not the only one who thought it was “Grand Canyon” as written by Aaron Spelling.

      It could be worse… imagine having to sit thru all of the non-sports-related films of Kevin Costner (after Silverado)…

      1. Re: SAY IT AIN’T SO!!

        We were never particularly thrilled with Opah, so whatever happens there is fine by us. But losing Agave is like, well, losing your favourite local restaurant… we’d often eat there, then jaunt next door for another few hours of wine tasting at Uncorked. Luckily Uncorked is still there!

        As for Crash; I am astounded at how such a string cast could fail so immensely. I guess you just can’t overcome piss-poor writing. If felt trite, contrived, and immature. I am almost amazed at how the rest of the world seemingly thought it to be such a hard-hitting, question raising, piece of celluloid based drama. But then again, the rest of the world has the collective maturity of a 12 year old, so it really doesn’t surprise me after all.

        1. Re: SAY IT AIN’T SO!!

          I think it was Richard Dreyfuss who said – a good script can overcome a bad cast, but a bad script is deadly…

          re:opah – too pretentious a place, so a can’t disagree. we lost our local (a place called Firedance) shortly after new-years. Tehy got replaced by a cali-talian place called Zito’s. The big plus of the latter was that they kept the better part of the kitchen and wait staff, which were a lot of what we liked about the place (new owner, new theme, new menu, much more successful now…) though I really miss the pulled pork and plantains, and the lobster chowder… sigh.

          everyone have as safe and sane a 4th as you desire and deserve!

  3. I’ll give you a $4.50 beer and tell you to quit your bitching.
    Some of those racial slurs were FUNNY!
    *Officer, please explain to her how NOT suprised I am to be hit by an asian driver…*
    Come on
    THAT is FUNNY!
    Yeah, so I’m not PC.
    You should have come see superman with us, it was good. but Nooooooooooo

    1. some of the one-liners were indeed funny, but overall the movie sucked out loud. Seriously, it was BAD. I can guarantee I wouldn’t have enjoyed “Superman” any more.

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