Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

Dave, the Director of Sales in my company called me into his office today. Nothing odd really; he said he wanted to discuss a customer issue I have been working on for quite some time. (It is ok. Our bases are covered on that one. It really IS the user’s problem and not ours.)

Well, I was tricked. We finished off our little chat about the customer, even though he had known exactly what was going on anyways, and says to me: let’s go into John’s office for a brief chat. John is our CEO. Quiet. Reserved. Never has he needed to discuss things with both Dave and I.

My mind is working as fast as it possibly can at this point. Things stop adding up right. Warning signals are going off rapidly. I get -wicked- nervous. I am going through every scenario I can think of. And all I am coming up with is Bad Newstm. Not a good feeling.

I think John saw my nervousness. He starts off explaining to me how happy they are with the job I am doing and how they see me taking over some added responsibilities.

They are giving me a $4K raise effective next Monday!

But there is always a catch. It seems my direct boss, Joanne, is leaving the company on Friday. Traci, our Professional Services manager, will be taking over Joanne’s role as Customer Service Manager, but it seems I will be taking over a good portion of the things Joanne has “owned” previously. So it looks like I will be owning the Knowledge Base in its entirety, taking an active role in the development bug meetings, and continuing to provide an exceptional level of support to our user base. (And yes, I DO already provide that level of support.)

I am sad to hear Joanne is going to be leaving. I really liked her. Both as a person, as well as a boss. She has a real laid back attitude and a laissez faire management style. I like that. She gave me the tools to do my job and let me go do it. If I had questions, she was more than willing to help, but never tried to take control over any of my work issues. Plus, she hired me, so I kinda like her for doing that too.

I am also a bit worried over -why- she is leaving, as I have not yet had an opportunity to speak with her about it. (Dave called me into the meeting at 2.30pm; I leave at 3pm.) This is also the second high level employee to leave recently (another one of our developers took a leave of absence to work on an outside contract project). Currently I can count -all- of the people employed by my company on one hand. It is almost as if the company is getting ready to go up for sale. Cutting costs and staffing to the bare minimum needed to run to make us look appetizing for a company like Intuit or even American Express.

Surprisingly, I am not all that angsty over the changes coming. I will be able to use more of my skills again and will be taking a more active role in the direction of our products, which is a good thing in my eyes. And ya know, an extra $4k a year ain’t gonna hurt anything either.

So we will see how this all pans out. I am sure however it goes, I will come out ahead. But still, change IS a scary and uncertain thing.

For now, this entry is going to be “Friends Only” just to stay on the safe side….
[edit to set security to “Public” since everyone in the company now knows.]

8 thoughts on “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

  1. This is a dude who, 700 years ago, totally ravaged China, and who we were told, two hours ago, totally ravaged Ashmans sporting goods.

    Oh, sorry.

  2. I’m not sure what frightens me more…

    The fact that you claim to not be full of angst, or the fact that you are listening to Spandau Ballet. Dude!

    1. Thbbbbbb

      Why is it I have taken soooooo much crap in the past week for the music I have been listening to? Spandau Ballet is NOT BAD!

      Oh, and don’t be misled; I am still angsty, just not about the impending changes at my work.

      1. Re: Thbbbbbb

        Oh palease… you are just the Diet Coke of Angst!

        As for Spandau Ballet, even >> I << think they are just way too "sensitive." Their music is like listening to the heroine in any Gilbert and Sullivan production. Blech!

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