I get a lot of spam in my WordPress install here, 99% of which you’d never even have a chance to see, as it all gets dumped into a moderated spam folder on my admin dash. Most days I will just login, navigate to the spam section, click the little button that says “Remove all spam”, and be done with it. I might even think about searching for better plugins to install to help me control and manage the spam so I don’t even have to see it if it weren’t for one amusing little quirk:

Most of the spam comments I receive are amazingly flattering. They tell me how wonderful my content is, and how this post or that post helped them find the information they need.

Here’s one stunning example: “I already viewed plenty of sites working with such topics, for the most part of the people duplicate other site content, but each time to your site I see new & first-class stuff, nice walking.”  Love it! Especially happy to see I am good at walking! And then there’s this one, which amusing showed up on this very article: “This article is just what I was looking for a long time! Where did you get it? How could you write it so clear and so knowingly? That?s awesome! Thanks a lot!” Well, gentle spammer, you are very welcome!

Of course, it is all automated and so generic as to be laughable, but still, it kinda feels nice to have these “yes bots” around me… even if it is just for an amusing giggle as I delete them all. I just can’t bring myself to completely block them.

My hidden spam keeps me happy and sane, and that is a public service to you all. You’re welcome 😉

image credit: (cc)  Some rights reserved by wiennat