Sometimes things just don’t work out.

Luckily _I_ have power and network connectivity today, which is more than I can say for a few of my coworkers. Why you ask? Well for the same reason we were down yesterday of course.

I came into work this morning to see the department milling around (half of us work 8-5, the other half are 6-3). And the smell hits me again. The stench of heat decayed electronics. I turn the corner to find a small black hole in one of the power strips in my neighbor’s cube.

Why am I not surprised we are having so many issues with this move? Oh, I remember. It’s because it was so rushed and done over the course of a weekend, that things weren’t done correctly, but rather done to meet the deadline. Lucky us.

Jackasses. All of them.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes things just don’t work out.

  1. Reminds me of a time at 8e6. Edison informed us that we were to undergo a scheduled rolling blackout over a weekend. The network admin and I had to prepare all of our servers and shit for it. That part actually went ok. All of the servers came back up and were ready to go on Monday morning. But the workstations…oh the workstations. Three of the workstations in the mudroom went up in flames. And I mean LITERALLY up in flames.

    1. Oh, what I would have given to see that. Damn I hate (yes, present tense) the mudroom. I still have nightmares about that place.

  2. hah hah! Yah it was pretty damn funny. I think you’ld like the current incarnation. No more blacklights and labcoats. Just a big open cubicle and every pretty much dresses how they want. Also everyone that works there now is seriously cool and funny as all hell. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. I’d so still be working there if the pay were decent.

    1. Sounds like a much better environment now. Although, if I remember correctly, we laughed our asses off back in the day too. Damn, I miss that crew.

      1. Yah but back then it was just you and me laughing at all the morons that kept getting shoved down our throats. Between Pisanelli, Paul, and Mike Levin we had a never ending supply of material. I’m still convinced that those guys weren’t real. I’m fully convinced that someone was piping in a hallucinagen and we just imagined them.

        1. I STILL tell stories about Mike 🙂
          Pisanelli and Paul (huh? what? turn up the aid buddy) were fun to poke fun of, but niehter of them had the potential story staying power that Mike left us with. Besides Ken helped us laugh at them all too. And there IS something to be said for laughing at everyone else!

          1. LOL. People at 8e6 still tell stories about him. Even those who started way after his Reign of Terrar. When I went back I had to school them all on how it really happened. He’s like an urban legend there. It’s crazy.

            1. Now THAT is funny! I can only imagine how “fired for masturbating and then threatening our CEO and President” turned into something MORE legendary!

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