Sometimes it is the little stuff that is really cool……

I typically HATE praise of any sort, but especially when it is job related. I believe that praise for simply doing my job is ludicrous and unnecessary.

There ARE times, however, when the praise is so veiled and unintended, that it actually DOES mean something to me. Case in point:

I have been working hard on all sorts of documentation and process stuff in the past two weeks. Finally doing more of what I was hired to do in the first place. Part of this work has been to draw up the verbiage to use on a few e-mail blasts and web pages.

The praise:
I just received a simple e-mail which meant more to me than any pat on the back of job-well done speach… it read simply:
“Jon … Attached is what Jason has come up with for the Upgrade Landing Page … I think it looks good …. let’s go with it … Cheers”

This means so much to me because my draft was fully accepted, UNEDITED or otherwise modified in any way. And THAT, my friends, is a huge bit of validation for me and my writing specifically.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes it is the little stuff that is really cool……

    1. You DO realize I cut off 90% of all my hair in the middle of July, right?

      (Besides, that is not praise but rather “compliments” which are entirely different, albeit similar, concepts.)

            1. Danke… and I’d send a pic, but well you know how that goes… I’m always taking them and rarely in them, which is just how I like it.

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