Sometimes hard work pays off….

With regards to the previous post about how much I hate writing code and how long it took me to hopefully have resolved the issue, I received the follwoing email this morning. It is messages like these which keep me doing what I do and make -some- of the pain worth-while.


It worked! You are the coolest! This has saved us tremendously. This is one of our important users and it is important that he stay happy with the tool. Losing his queries/reports would have been bad news!

Thank you again for your efforts. I will close the Case on the Support website.


Now on to all the other cases in my queue….

2 thoughts on “Sometimes hard work pays off….

    1. I can’t agree with you enough. More than “incentives” or other work place drivel, a simply “Thank You” and paycheck continuation is more than enough for me.

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