Some interesting and unexpected job news…

As you all probably know, I work as a Technical Support Engineer for a software company. We develop some fairly complex suites of tools marketed and designed for other software developers to manage their code and requirements. It is really pretty boring stuff, but the job is complex and interesting enough to keep me entertained.

Additionally, you all probably know that I was laid off from this company in 2002, and rehired towards the end of 2004. When I was brought back on board, my hiring manager (who also happens to be a friend from the SCA) discussed my long term goals and how he may utilize some of my skills in a role more suited to achieving said goals.

Fast forward to last week when I have the VP of Global Support standing in my cube talking to me about my goals (my boss was away playing at Pennsic last week). Friday, I get a call from my boss from Pennsic, asking me what the VP was talking to me about, noting that he had just received an odd email from him. I explained, and that seemed to be the end of it.

Until today. My boss is back, and he called me into his office around 1pm. During our chat he indicated that sometime in October, I will be transitioning to a Tech Writing position within the Support organization to head up the generation and maintenance of our Knowledge Base and Technical Bulletins. I will still be doing support (in an 80% support 20% tech writing role) for the beginning of the transition, until such a time that I can devote 90% of my time to writing and 10% to support).

This means I will be getting training on our entire product line (not just the one I currently support) which should help me with my marketable skills and knowledge as well as with supporting the various integrations of all our products.

I am unbelievably excited about this. I am finally starting to see my goals realized in becoming a full time tech writer. While it hasn’t happened yet, I am heartened to know that there is at least a good deal of conversation and movement towards this transition. Even better is that my boss and I will be determining the expectations, scope, and responsibilities of the position, so I will have a direct hand in determining exactly what I will be doing.

And that is wicked cool.

10 thoughts on “Some interesting and unexpected job news…

  1. That’s excellent! How great to be working for a place that apparently seems to have a genuine interest in helping its talent grow.

    1. Thanks! And…

      I WISH I could say that was the case… unfortunately it is not. I just happen to be friends with my boss, and when I was hired back on I made it VERY clear what I wanted to be doing (didn’t hurt that at the same time, I had another previous boss trying to take me away from my previous company to be a tech writer too). My current boss is just good at making the VP think that the VP was the one with the idea, and therefore a good thing to do.

      I came back to work for my boss, not the company. For all intents and purposes, this company could care less about the employees, as is abundantly clear to us with the move we just went through.

      I will say, however, that it IS great to work for a boss who “gets it”. He fights for me and the rest of the department. He makes my job easier, which results in me doing my job better. So many other people I have encountered just don’t seem to get that.

    1. thanks. While it isn’t quite yet realized, I do find this to be a small glimmer of light in the tunnel of my career.
      Soon enough, I hope to be working from home somehwere on the central coast writing for a living. We’ll see exactly HOW soon that happens though 😉

    1. Thanks! Here’s hoping you and Blake are able to come out on top with the promotion and impending move too! Keep your chin up. 🙂

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