Some comic strips just speak to me…

Yeah, I am a geek. But damn this is funny! Now, if she had been reading Joyce and wearing plaid…. mmmmmmmmm

6 thoughts on “Some comic strips just speak to me…

  1. ack! Joyce? cummings, Sir. e.e. !

    Besides, if she was reading Joyce, she’d have cat-eye glasses, and be sitting up straight in a ladder-back chair instead of lounging about on a couch.

    1. And WHAT, pray tell, is wrong with cat-eye glasses and ladder-back chairs? While I readily enjoy Sir e.e., I MUCH prefer Joyce’s portrayal of the Dublin streets. Of course, the point here is that “librarian” fetishes exist πŸ™‚

      1. mmmm…. librarians….

        Absolutely nothing wrong with either… actually… a librarian in glasses, scraped-back pony tail, plaid or worsted wool skirt and penny loafers, demurely sitting in a ladder-back library chair, assisting patrons… yummmmm. err. anyway, I’m just trying to help you solve the confusion between your librarian fetish, your English major fetish, and your schoolteacher fetish…

        1. Re: mmmm…. librarians….

          I was going to argue that I’m not confused about the three, but apparently I was, as evidenced by lumping them all in the same thought. My apoloies, it won’t happen again πŸ™‚

          1. Re: mmmm…. librarians….

            oooooo…. Velmaaaa… Of course, one *can* go too far in one’s fetishes for girls with glasses… (early crush – Dawn Wells (Maryanne from “Gilligan’s Island” ) in glasses…)

            Well, then again… maybe not.


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