So what did YOU blow?

My coworker George told me about this fun little handheld device: Digital Alcohol Detector

It seems that over last Thanksgiving holiday when he had traveled back to his folk’s place in New Mexico, his dad had one and was showing it off. At some point George had pegged it out at 0.12%

I just got it during lunch from Brookstone:
Digital Alcohol Detector

There are others out there on line I have found, but I wanted one for tomorrow as seemed like a fun toy to have for the work party since we’ll be drinking quite readily I am certain… that and I always HAVE wanted to know what I’d blow at certain times during wars and other party weekends.

Hmm… Perhaps we should take bets on who the first person to peg it out will be as well as how quick it will take us to peg it the first time…. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I can’t wait to play with it…

5 thoughts on “So what did YOU blow?

  1. I did the whole “try to break the BAC meter” thing one time. Some friends of mine got one and we had a party to see who could get the highest BAC. I’m surprised any of us survived. Truly one of the worst ideas we’ve ever had.

    On a similar not, but with far more humor, read this. And while you’re at it read some of the rest of his stories. For a complete shithead he’s sure got some great stories.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, this si not a “Try to break it” challenge, but rather a “who will break it first” bet. The difference is subtle, but important 🙂
      My SCA friends (and I) can indeed drink some LARGE amounts of liqour in short priods of time without trying. The BAC will only serve as a judging tool, not a standing challenge.

      That IS a great story… he is a dweeb, but funny none-the-less.

    1. You are absolutely correct, that’s what friends are for. Especially since I KNOW you can’t remember everyhting about Thusday night……

      1. That’s what you think! I actually remember everything about Thursday night (unfortunately) and I can say with absolute confidence that the only thing I blew that night was chunks.

        Why? What did you hear?

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