So much to say, so little time.

Wine tasting ROCKED. Jean and I ended up bringing home about 3 cases worth of Temecula’s finest fermented grapes, and Colleen brought home a 3/4 case which she will truly enjoy (even if she stretched to get it).

As promised, a picture:

Tasting at Calaway

The desktop sized version can be found here:

Unfortunately, due to the IMENSE amount of fun we had, the above is the only picture I was able to take (or remembered to take, I should say).

Yesterday started out with a fabulous picnic lunch at Calaway Vineyards, even if their wine wasn’t good. The day was beautiful, as you can see form the above picture. and the drive was amazing.

All told, we visited 6 vineyards, and enjoyed all but two. Thorton even threw us a curve ball. We didn’t expect to like them at all, and found that not only do they really know how to do their wines, but that their pricing isn’t as self absorbed as a few others we have been to. And their Syrah is to die for.

We finished off the day with a trip to Wood Ranch BBQ since we were all in the mood for a good hearty dinner.

It was one of those days which I could go on and on about. So, to save you all, I will cut it here and move on to today:

Today was full of accomplishment. I split off the plumbing from the cold water tap and plumbed in my ice maker finally. That alone made the day worth while. But why stop there??? While I was plumbing away Jean made a trip to Target and found that they actually, finally, had the gazebo we have been looking for. So she snatched that up in no time. Its not set up yet, but you’ll see why in a moment.

While Jean was at Target, I finished plumbing and moved on to bringing in about 5 boxes of books from the garage. Wow. I truly feel bad for my movers now. That sucked. But it was the last time I will have to do that for a good long while.

Jean got home and I cleaned up a bit so we could go to lunch and then over the the “Home Furnishing Center” to buy the hutch we have been ogling, and take a second look at a bedroom set, and see what they had in the way of comfy chairs for our family room. Suffice to say, we walked out of there with not only a china hutch, but a bedroom set which consists of: 2 dressers, 2 night stands, a mirror, and a bed with head and foot boards. All said and done, we only dropped $2005.00 including delivery for all that. I so love that place!

We decided to wait on the chair until all the furniture is delivered and we can see how we will actually use the living spaces we have. We may not really need the chair after all.

Once we got back home, I napped on the couch while Jean started with the books. When I woke up, we decided we needed 4 more panels in our window treatments for the dining room and family room, so off we were to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy out their remaining stock of the panels we already had. And that made all the difference. The treatments look so much more full and permanent, not flimsy and kinda cheesy anymore.

We put up the panels and then ate leftovers… mmm, nothing better. Then we really started in on the books. got nearly our entire 6’x6′ book case filled, and we still have enough books to fill at least another 6×6.

Which brings us to now. And I am exhausted, but feeling quite accomplished. We played and worked quiet hard this weekend. Next on the list is actually setting up the gazebo to act as a spa enclosure for some needed added privacy. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. It may not get done until next weekend.

Work tomorrow is gonna suck, just like every monday does for me. It is when I get to play catchup with all the issues that came in over the weekend. Lucky me.