So it begins….

The tv was just unplugged, and internet connectivity via the computer is going away so I can return everything to Cox.

What this means is that LJ communications will be nil until next monday hopefully. I WILL, however, still have access to my gmail account via my phone if you need to reach me:
acdntlpoet @ gmail . com

Our cell numbers are staying the same as well.

The movers show up tomorrow at 8am/9am and we will be spending the night with J&M. Then we drive out Saturday morning to begin making the trek up to Oregon.

I have disabled comments since I will not be able to reply until connectivity is hooked up in the new townhome in Beaverton. I’ll post again once everything is online…

SoCal, it has been nice. But it is time to start our own stories in a new town that we can make ours to call home (with a big guest bedroom for all the visitors, of course)!
Until next week… adios!