Small Tattoo Update…

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Almost forgot to post a pic of my latest sitting for my spiral tattoo. This was the 3rd sitting to finish the design and do some touch ups on the infected portions:

So there it is. Next round is to start and hopefully complete the 3DC logo below the 3DC spiral.
Speaking of 3DC, I have a very important 3 Drunken Celts update coming soon… hold on tight!

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  1. My husband and I were loving your tattoo.

    BTW, I’m stealing your difference between tattooed and untattooed people thingie. It rocks.

  2. Thanks! The design was done by Ulfblood with some inspiration from Fergus (one of the 3DC). The design, clockwise from the top is Fergus’ celtic dog, Raz’ Celtic Boar, and my Celtic Cat (as tattooed on my left ankle). we used the design for our canvas walls, and I fell in love with it as well since it captures the three of us and who we are.

    As for the “tattooed people” image… steal away, that’s how I got it 😉

  3. Ink envy

    No more ink for me; skin’s too fragile during chemo 🙁

  4. Re: Ink envy

    🙁 Well, you can live vicariously through me!

  5. Re: Ink envy

    You BET I will 🙂

  6. You can’t kick my ass! 🙂

  7. Totally OT but

    You gotta check out this planned community for OR

  8. Re: Totally OT but

    Wow! Very COOL!

  9. well duh… ANYONE that knows me knows that I am SO not the kind of person describe in the pic. 😛
    I am NOT cool and I CAN’T kick anyones’ ass!

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