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Oh well, it was a nice thought while it lasted.

Yup, kids, it looks like Ireland and Seattle are out in favour of less costly vacation locations. With the exchange rate such as it is, it doesn’t make sense for us to go right now and only for 5 days. A better exchange rate and longer time to spend in the isle will surely present its self soon enough.

Napa and/or Sonoma are looking like a good possibility, but I had really hoped to get out of the state and see a different part of the country or the world. Not to mention that I am still a bit gunshy with planning a Napa vacation since the last two times we tried we had major life events that precluded any sort of vacation (like getting laid off) and I don’t feel like tempting fate one more time…

So it is back to the drawing board to figure out a nice trip to take between December 23rd/24th and January 2nd. (And yes, I don’t mind traveling over/on Christmas or New Years. Actually, I prefer it!)

If we can’t find anything we can agree on within our budget, I may as well cancel my time off and work that week, since staying at home and using 5 vacation days seems like an enormous waste to me.

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  1. Well that sucks! I don’t see the exchange rate getting much better any time soon! I do agree that you want more time especially since it would be your first time across the pond what with travel time and adjusting to the different time zone as well. You’d get there and by the time you fell into a groove you’d have to leave. Again, that really is too bad.

  2. We could always go up to San Francisco, or maybe Half Moon Bay? Quiet, beautiful, and just 25 miles outside of the city…

  3. I’d really like to do something we haven’t done before…

  4. I was, admittedly, worried about the shortness of the trip anyways. Oh well, not like this is the first time I have been disappointed by a “possible” trip falling through.

  5. Have you guys been to the Grand Canyon? It’s not a bad drive & I understand it’s quite breathtaking during the winter…

  6. I have. Not sure about Jean. It is looking now like a trip to Vancouver/Victoria British Columbia for some wine, mead, and beer tasting may be the trip that gets booked.

    We’ll see….

  7. Victoria is beautiful! I have an Aunt and 3 cousins who live there (my mother is from Canada).

  8. I was there for the 1986 World Exposition, but Jean has never been. Gorgeous area, absolutely!

  9. I made a trip up there with my ex-husband many years ago, and it was just gorgeous. Although I have to wonder what it’s like during the winter; I doubt the Buschart Gardens look as pretty in the snow… (

  10. Well, they have VERY mild winters. Not much snow, if any at all.

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