Got my bike back late Friday. The shop couldn’t locate a single thing wrong with it after spending over two hours in attempts to diagnose the battery drain.

In their defense, I had only seen a single indication of an upcoming problem. When the clock reset itself every previous time, which always meant I was in for a dead battery within a day.

Once I got the bike back home, I set it up on the batteryminder to de-sulphate and re-charge. I ended up driving the truck to work today because the desulphating process can take anywhere from a few days to a week to complete. Once that finishes off, I will be borrowing a multi-meter from a friend to help me diagnose or at least track down any sort of voltage issues in the wiring harness, stator, r/r, or battery…. We’ll see how it goes. Glad I printed out some guides from my VFR forums to help me since I really don’t know the first thing about motorcycle electrics.

Time will tell I guess.

4 thoughts on “Sigh…

  1. I can relate … it’s frustrating when you can’t seem to find out what is wrong and you are waiting for the proverbial “shoe to drop”. Good luck!!!

    1. I know you can! Thanks for the sympathy. My only saving grace right now is that any repairs are all under warranty, so if the shoe does drop, it won’t cost me to fix it.

  2. bummer!

    And we’re having such nice weather too! (yah, that’s right; I’m rubbing it in )

    Seriously though, sorry it’s still out of commission 🙁

    1. Re: bummer!

      Thanks 😛
      In my bike’s defense, it is only really out of commission right now because I was dumb enough to begin desulphating without reading exactly how long it would take. It was intended to be more of a preventative measure than a solution.

      That’s what I get for being dumb.

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