Short and Sweet.

Not feeling very loquacious today, so I’ll keep this short:

Jean and I went to Mount Saint Helens on Saturday. Had a BLAST! grand time. Even though the cloud covered the upper half of the volcano, it was still an awesome sight.

Click the pic below for the whole album:

I think we’ll be making the trip back at least once more to get the full view of the side blast crater.

The next time we go will be on the motorcycle too. The road was just screaming to be ridden on a bike, but since my stock seat is off getting some modifications made to it, the bike is out of commission for a while.

The drive its self is actually fairly easy, only 70 miles up the 5, then another 50 or so across SR 504. And GORGEOUS views are all along the 504!

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  1. This is SO COOL! I can’t wait to come and visit! The pics are beautiful! You guys look awesome. ~S

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