Sad days…

Siobhan_genie said it best in her post on Friday (as I was driving home from the vet’s office). I can only echo her sentiments here. Chutzpah was indeed a loved cat in our house and will sorely be missed.

Regardless of how irritated I was with her at times, especially recently, it is still not easy to put a cat down. Even at 14 years old, and sick, she was still fairly spry and had showed very few signs of slowing down.

As of Friday night, Morrigan is now the Queen of the house, with Fionna and Molly cast as the two playful princesses. Luckily, they don’t appear to be effected my Chutzpah’s disappearing act. Which is good. The last thing we need is for the three cats to miss her and constantly remind us that Chutz is no longer there.


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