Repetetive Stress injuries to the Grey Matter

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With all the Dumb-Asstm stupid user questions I have been getting today, I am in desperate need of intellectual rejuvenation.

Or a nap. Which ever comes first I guess.

Truly, I can only answer the same question so many times within a day before I begin to completely lose my mind and patience with customers. Read my damn knowledge base people! It is there to help you. I have not spent my time working on it just to have you ignore it and take up more of my time.

I am a single person support department. There is a reason it is difficult to get ahold of me. I understand this. Which is why we have a self-service section of our website. This way you can get answers to the stuff we already know about and have a set resolution or explanation for. This -should- allow me to deal with more important problems. But if you keep calling me, then I can’t GET TO those problems and resolve them!

So please, use the website, I -know- you know where it is. You just called me on the only number shown there, and you just e-mailed me using the escalation form!

Friggin ass-hat fucktards.

(wow, I really didn’t intend for that to be a rant, but I guess I needed to get that out of my system. I feel better already!)

4 Responses to “Repetetive Stress injuries to the Grey Matter”

  1. Somebody is having my day!

    Stupid people should come with a label or a pre-recorded introduction or something.

  2. See, I’m a bit more judgmental. I say we nuke em.

    I will be the one who decides who lives or dies since I am a fair middle ground of intelligence.

    Who’s with me?

  3. Ok…but fair warning…I’ll prolly puss out when it comes to the actual pushing of the button.

  4. No worries… thats what minions are for

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